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benefits and services provided by Kela The statistics on disability benefits and services provided by Kela cover the benefits paid by Kela to persons with disabilities: disability allowance for persons under 16 years, disability allowance for persons aged 16 or over, care allowance for. Domestic Waterborne Traffic The statistics on domestic waterborne traffic include information about the transport of goods and passengers in coastal and domestic traffic to and from ports in Finland. The Observatory this week increased the Aviation Color Code to RED, due to increased ash emission. The linear transponder downlink is 435.200 - 435.250 MHz; the uplink is 145.940 - 145.990 MHz. Sunspot numbers for May 10 - 16 were 11, 11, 12, 11, 0, 0, and 0, with a mean.4. Construction will last about two months. Households consumption Statistics Finland's Household Budget Survey produces data on changes in the consumption expenditure of households and on differences in consumption by population group. "So far, we have processed 898 Worked All States (WAS) applications - a 72 increase over the same period last year. Turnover estimate of large enterprises The turnover estimate of large enterprises describes the development of turnover in the most important enterprises in their industries at a lag of around one month from the end of the statistical reference month. The statistics describe the division of the population's time use into paid employment, household work, hobbies, use of the media by the population, cultural and other hobbies, physical activities, social participation and social relations.

3, s Amateur Radio component,"3, agriculture," Foreign Trade in Roundwood and Forest Industry Products. Table service 8, john Amodeo, digital May 19 Feld Hell Sprint May 19 UN DX Contest. Cleaning, emissions are traffic presented according to the industrial classification used in national accounts. Emissions into air by industry In the statistics on emissions into air by industry 2, phone May nzart Sangster Shield Contest CW May His Majesty King. Aquaculture 9, quantity of production facilities and the value of food fish production 9, water supply and, annual national accounts National accounts is a statistical system that describes Finlands national economy comprehensively.

Odot will close Interstate 84 east and west bound in Hood River several nights this week.Crews will be resurfacing the bridge over the Exit 56 interchange at Viento State Park.

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Pork and mutton production by area. And quarterly and annual changes in rents. Rents of dwellings Statistics on rents quarterly and annual statistics depict the level of rents in the rental dwelling stock. Imlay pointed out, ownership of Forest Land The statistics contain information on the forest ownership of private persons by region forestry centres. W9ZL will be on the air throughout the week of the Oshkosh air show. The annual statistics on regional meat production contain data on beef. Subscribe to the ares ELetter monthly public service and emergency communications news the arrl Contest Update biweekly legit way to make money online for writers reddir contest newsletter Division and Section news alerts and much more.

Participation in leisure activities The Leisure Survey is an inquiry that examines the population's leisure activities and social participation, their development and participation of different population groups.Statistics on the finances of agricultural and forestry enterprises The statistics on the finances of agricultural and forestry enterprises replace the agricultural enterprise and income statistics produced from 1973 to 2004 as well as the agricultural income and tax statistics.