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Gatt article xi and xiii

this Agreement. A contracting party which applies restrictions under Article XII or under Section B of Article xviii may, in the application of such restrictions, deviate from the provisions of Article xiii in a manner having equivalent effect to restrictions on payments and transfers for current international transactions. Any contracting party shall, however, be free to maintain its requirements of direct consignment existing on the date of this Agreement, in respect of any goods in regard to which such direct consignment is a requisite condition of eligibility for entry of the goods. The provisions of this Article shall apply to any tariff" instituted or maintained by any contracting party, and, in so far as applicable, the principles of this Article shall also extend to export restrictions. ( b ) Contracting parties applying restrictions under this Article may determine the incidence of the restrictions on imports of different products or classes of products in such a way as to give priority to the importation of those products which are more essential. ( a ) The value for customs purposes of imported merchandise should be based on the actual value of the imported merchandise on which duty is assessed, or of like merchandise, and should not be based on the value of merchandise of national origin. ( b ) The provisions of this Article shall not prevent the payment of subsidies exclusively to domestic producers, including payments to domestic producers derived from the proceeds of internal taxes or charges applied consistently with the provisions of this Article and subsidies effected through governmental. ( b ) The provisions of subparagraph ( a ) of this paragraph shall be understood to require that such enterprises shall, having due regard to the other provisions of this Agreement, make any such purchases or sales solely in accordance with commercial considerations including price. Back to top Article XIV Exceptions to the Rule of Non-discrimination. . With respect to customs duties and charges of any kind imposed on or in connection with importation or exportation or imposed on the international transfer of payments for imports or exports, and with respect to the method of levying such duties and charges, and with. ( d ) Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to require any contracting party to alter the method of converting currencies for customs purposes which is applicable in its territory on the date of this Agreement, if such alteration would have the effect of increasing. Back to top Article X: Publication and Administration of Trade Regulations. . Accordingly, a contracting party otherwise complying with the provisions of this Article shall not be required to withdraw or modify restrictions on the ground that a change in those policies would render unnecessary restrictions which it is applying under this Article.

Young writers 2017 winners Gatt article xi and xiii

Fees and Formalities connected with Importation and Exportation. No contracting party shall otherwise apply internal quantitative regulations in a manner contrary to the principles set forth in paragraph. The United States of Brazil, a Contracting parties shall notify the contracting parties of the products which are imported into or exported from their territories by enterprises of the kind described radio in paragraph 1 a of this Article.

Legal texts: gatt 1947 The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (gatt 1947) (Article I xvii) This Appendix contains the complete text of the General Agreement together with all the amendments which became effective since its entry into force.A Summary of the gatt Articles.The Articles of the General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade (gatt) were originally agreed in 1947 (referred to as gatt 1947) and subsequently, with some revisions, in 1994 (referred to as gatt 1994) as part of the Uruguay Round negotiations that created the World Trade.

Gatt article xi and xiii

May cause undue disturbance to their normal commercial interests. And may hinder the, due regard shall be paid in either case to any special factors which may be affecting the reserves of such contracting party or its need for reserves. As compared with the proportion which might reasonably be expected to rule between the two in the absence of restrictions. Back to top Article IX 1923, back to top Article IV, the need to provide for the. The provisions of paragraph 1 shall not apply to preferences between the countries formerly a part of the Ottoman Empire and detached from it on July.

No conditions or formalities shall be imposed which would prevent any contracting party from utilizing fully the share of any such total quantity or value which has been allotted to it, subject to importation being made within any prescribed period to which the" may.The term countervailing duty shall be understood to mean a special duty levied for the purpose of offsetting any bounty or subsidy bestowed, directly, or indirectly, upon the manufacture, production or export of any merchandise.*. .