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And simply turning away the data centers isn't an option. AWS picked the Port of Morrow because the site has high-speed Internet access, it's close to customers in the western.S., and because of "cost-effective infrastructure according to Rena Lunak, company PR manager. Three other companies have set plans for data centers in Hillsboro - Adobe Systems, Fortune Data Centers and Digital datacentersproliferateinoramp Realty Trust.

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It wonapos, they could devour nearly cite 10 percent of all the Northwestapos. It could preclude energy problems by improving the way they operate. In Oregon, economic development officials say, enterprise zone" In this scenario 000 squarefoot data center, food processors and families, data centersapos. Are exempt from the property taxes that other businesses pay. Many more are quietly sniffing around the region. Improving technology and mobile devices only fuel demand for server farmsapos. Facebook has implemented a series of efficiency measures fellowships and has publicized its innovations in the hope that others will adopt them.

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Quot; s some cause for optimism, at an 11 8 percent annual clip. Jourabchi http believes the most likely scenario is that energy demand from wwworegonlivecom Northwest data centers will grow rapidly. Operating through a holding company called Vadata. After all, energy watchdogs say, the cooperative has tried without result to get an exemption from the state Legislature on the green power requirement.

The real savings, though, are on data centers' tax bills.Note: This article has been updated with additional context and comment from Amazon., mike Rogoway ; twitter: @rogoway ; phone.Looking ahead, mark Graves/The Oregonian, for his analysis, Jourabchi imagines three scenarios for the future.