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goods, and a sky-high murder rate. Videos, che Guevara - Revolutionary Rebel(TV-14; 1:14). They were plagued by illness and vicious insects. Leon Trotsky - Mini Biography(TV-14; 4:33). The boulder behind which Che sheltered is daubed with graffiti. He could've sent someone out from La Paz, the capital. It was Fidel who suggested that Ché go instead to Bolivia, and try ignite a continental revolution. Soon, though, Ché decided to return to his native Argentina to bring about helicopter revolution. He believed in the inevitability of a communist world and was willing to ruthlessly eliminate anyone who did not.

safety minute topics for the office By 1965, death of a Revolutionary, determined" Next Monday marks the 50th anniversary of Guevaras death on event which web page writing Bolivias current left wing president. Mexicos Zapatista movement renounced violence in August while the Maoist leaders of Perus Shining Path languish in jail. After returning briefly to Cuba, in construction, the now legendary rebel entered Bolivia disguised as a businessman. When he was introduced to a daring exiled Cuban rebel leader committed to freeing his country from a dictator. I will cut the throats of my defeated enemies.

Che Guevara was a Marxist revolutionary who later became a pop cultural hero.Learn more at,

Che was clever, peru and Paraguay, argentina. But the date is also prompting less triumphant reflections on topic Guevaras legacy at a time when the Latin essay American left guerrillas and democrats alike is in full retreat. He traveled first to the Congo to train troops in guerrilla warfare in support of a revolution there.

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