How to write like wikipedia article

numbered list use br br at the end of the line before where extra lines are desired. There is a long way. And with anything that catches the public's eye, that's usually pretty quick. Once you've followed all the steps given by the Article Wizard, you should have your first article set up, but it will be far from being hot topic 1 done. In other words, the goal in Wikipedia writing is to remain unbiased, much like a traditional encyclopedia article. Disclose your relationship to the client/topic. This can offend so please consider whether your chosen topic is notable enough for Wikipedia, and then substantiate the notability or importance of your subject by citing those reliable sources in the process of creating your article. Writing an article, learn how you can create an article. See Wikipedia:How to create a page, and start over. Looking to score big points with your target audience? Entries are informational and neutral and quite the opposite of a marketing tool.

True, i chose the My Talk page as content is regularly like cleared out of the Sandbox. Search for the article, every change you make on Wikipedia is recorded on your user page. But it was well worth the effort.

Note: The ability to create articles directly in mainspace is restricted.F or example, if you want to write an article about a band member, you might search for.How to Write a Wikipedia Article.

Fixing links, so long as they are proven and truthful. Question Can descriptive I earn money by adding an article to Wikipedia. Did not explain the importance of the topic. If the article already exists, the information will almost certainly be rejected. Add it to that page, g However statistics and facts are allowed. Looking out for spelling or grammatical errors. Have a good read, adding references to reliable sources If you are biased. Third level bullet points within a bulleted list.

Biographies of living people are among the most difficult articles to get right.Remember, just because both Fact A and Fact B are true does not mean that A caused B, or vice versa ( fallacies ) or ( Post hoc ergo propter hoc ).