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of September and the end of the second week in May. Students use handouts to draw about the text, while the teacher completes conferences with each of the students. Students can show what they read with pictures and words. For the past four years, assessments in Reading, Writing and Math have been reviewed, tried and prepared for implementation. Thus, all eligible students are to complete the appropriate beginning of grade Diagnostic Math Assessment no later than September 30th of each school year. These documents include Prescribed Learning Outcomes and Suggested Achievement Indicators for each grade and were taken from the current curriculum for each subject area. Results also provide opportunities for instructional support from the District level, as well as a chance to celebrate student improvement trends. SD 87 rubrics are scored for each student and the summary section is also completed. Data can also act as a discussion focus for reporting and stimulus for inquiry on small or larger scales and school and district levels. In order to understand where students are in their Math performance and to support instruction in the upcoming year, the appropriate end of grade Diagnostic Math Assessment is to be completed by all eligible students and input on-line no later than May 15th. Following a process that incorporates reading and possibly art as precursors for writing, student responses are requested to be completed during March/April of the school year. For some students, assistance to complete the test on line may be in order. Additional assessments throughout the year are at the teachers discretion. In addition, SD 87 has developed and included a teacher-student conference to further understanding the processing skills of the students. Ils ont simplement été regroupés pour faciliter la consultation. Results can also be used to celebrate student improvement based on performance assessment from the beginning to the end of the school year. There is a specific Rubric for this assessment as a part of the package. Maternelle ( PDF, 841KB) 1re année ( PDF, 818KB) 2e année ( PDF, 931KB) 3e année ( PDF, 983KB) 4e année ( PDF,.11MB) 5e année ( PDF, 1MB) 6e année ( PDF,.04MB) 7e année ( PDF,.05MB) 8e année ( PDF,.13MB). Text and activity is introduced to the students. Kindergarten Curriculum Packages pDF, 543KB) wORD, 524KB grade 1 Curriculum Packages pDF, 655KB) wORD, 595KB). Fall and Spring assessments required this data entry. Results can be organized to provide individual student and class reports. Once the assessments are completed on-line, the data is automatically generated for teachers to analyze their students performance. Teacher completes running records and accompanying interview questions with students and asks about the pictures and words completed by students. There are beginning of grade and end of grade assessments for Grade 2 through Grade. Students read text and complete the accompanying questions. (Early Primary Reading Assessment which were developed by Faye Brownlie, have evolved with the support of many teachers across the Province. The Math assessment comes from Vancouver Island Net, a coalition of school districts from the Island and is supported.W.C.P. The intent is that this data will primarily help teachers to guide their instruction based on where students are at and what their needs are. Teachers will be provided in-service in the fall persuasive and spring (if necessary) to administer the assessments and to retrieve their class data. This will support teachers in their efforts to develop class summaries and guide practices based on common trends in student needs. Materials for this assessment were developed in-District. There are assessments (Fall, Mid-Year and Spring) for grades K through. The Prescribed Learning Outcomes and Suggested Achievement Indicators are exactly the same as found in the original documents; they have been compiled into one document for easy reference.

A, bC Performance Standards, adapted for SD 87 and to be used with Schoolwide assessments are also on your school servers. Both processes are straightforward and ongoing District support is available. Teachers can choose from the most appropriate protocol for their students and are asked to submit student written responses and individual assessment results using grade appropriate BC Performance Standards to the Director of Instruction no later than May 1st. Strengths and areas for improvement and a development of targeted skills from Fall to Spring did they improve. PersonalImpromptu Writing and NUmeracy have been developed 643KB, teachers introduce persuasive the text and work individually with each student. Shape and Space 633KB grade 3 Curriculum Packages pDF. R 632KB wORD, conferences include a running record, grade 2 how Curriculum Packages pDF. Completing a class summary will help teachers identify overall performance trends for whole class teaching. Patterns and Relations, conference style, district Assessment Reading Team and, data Collection.

Government Ministry of Education.Teachers are asked to submit copies of the grade level appropriate.Quick Scale (revised for SD 87 use) for Reading and.

772KB Grade 8 Curriculum Packages PDF. Grade 10, r Eligible students are those in Grades 2 through 10 who can complete an assessment within that grade range. Click here to access two essays in analytical psychology Primary Student Response Sheet 67MB Grade 9 Curriculum Packages PDF. Grade 6 Curriculum Packages pDF, to access the Math Assessment Student Interview please Click Here BC Performance Standards. Similar, same process as Grades, anchoring sessions with groups diagram to write a pursuasive essay of teachers when scoring assessments are encouraged.

Ces résultats dapprentissage prescrits et ces indicateurs de réussite, groupés par matière et par année, proviennent de chaque programme détudes et sont donc exactement les mêmes que ceux que lon trouve dans les versions complètes des programmes détudes.The assessment tool can be written with paper and pencil, which is strongly recommended or completed on-line; however, if done by hand, the answers are to be entered on-line afterwards that allows teachers to utilize the data analysis aspect of the assessment tool.Generally the process is as follows (please refer to each Teacher Guide for details.