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our political system because so much emphasis is placed on the economy. Miliband suggests, that in abstract, the array of powers and influences utilized by business are combated by the equated powers and influences obtained by government. Our founding fathers had a direct interest to establish procédure adaptée article 28 a government that would protect their holdings and investments. Wright Mills, The Power Elite, in Public Policy, The Essential Readings Stella. Corporate giants will continue to interfere with policy initiatives that fight pollution, encourage equality, heighten safety standards, and improve our overall quality of life. As politicians except huge contributions to enhance their chances of winning, corporations contribute money to enhance their personal interests.

This group of elite people are the decision makers. And the higher levels of the military. Many choices made by government are favored towards the large corporations. These three groups are higher class. To understand and be able to compare Mills concept of the mass society with the notion of the community of publics first one must be able to understand the term mass society. This concept also tries to make the average man s vote important.


Wright Mills argues that the fundamental decisions governing people s lives in our society are made and controlled by a power elite.He describes this elite as composed of people who share basic.

Certain policies that deal with issues. To compete with each other for the advancement of such purposes as their members may wish. The average person wonders why vows should he or she vote if their voice will not be heard. One can view our system. In reality, p91 The economic control of corporations plays an essential role in public policy. Which share similar principles and interests. Shape maker the interests of ordinary citizens.

In Mills concept of mass society the higher class, highest levels of the military, and the high level in politics.As already stated, corporations can choose to negatively impact the economy by decreasing productivity, mobilizing outside of the country, downsizing, and, in turn, lead the United States into a recession.S customer, then is business always right?