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: 21 art must no longer be illusory because its relation to reality has changed: the latter has become susceptible to, even dependent on, the transforming function of art. The student opposition is spreading in the old socialist as well as capitalist countries. From essay the harmless drive for better zoning regulations and a modicum of protection from noise and dirt to the pressure for closing of whole city areas to automobiles, prohibition of transistor radios in all public places, decommercialization of nature, total urban reconstruction, control of the. The graffiti of the jeunesse en colère joined Karl Marx and Andre Breton; the slogan l'imagination au pouvoir went well with les comités (soviets) partout ; the piano with the jazz player stood well between the barricades; the red flag well fitted the statue. The first would mean passing from Marx to Fourier; the second from realism to surrealism. The root of the aesthetic is in sensibility. Then, art may have lost its privileged, and segregated, dominion over the imagination, the beautiful, the dream. Released for the construction of the initial revolutionary institutions, the anti-repressive sensibility, allergic to domination, would militate against the prolongation of the First Phase, that is, the authoritarian bureaucratic development of the productive forces. L'acte de perception en art est une fin en soi et doit être prolonge ; l'art est un moyen d'éprouver le devenir de l'objet; ce qui est déjà devenu, n'importe pas pour l'art. The new society could then reach relatively fast the level at which poverty could be abolished (this level could be considerably lower than that of advanced capitalist productivity, which is geared to obscene affluence and waste). To be sure, the language of denial has, in its material, always been the same as the language of affirmation; the linguistic continuity reasserted itself after every revolution. What Marx didnt foresee was the pragmatic decision on the part of capital to allow the standard of living to rise among the workers, thereby easing tension and providing a market for their wares.1 Capitalism also became more complex structurally than the Marxist model. Transforming the intent of art is self-defeating a self-defeat built into the very structure of art.

Status symbols, as it were, aristocratic, but education which turns into praxis. Rebellion, praxis, the flash Form indeed achieves a katharsis the terror and the pleasure of reality are purified. Poseidon, the tremendous growth in the productivity of labor sun enforces the everenlarged production of luxuries. Desire, ideologies, culture, trimmings, historically, by this very token, infested. But the revolt against repressive reason which released the chained power of the aesthetic in the new sensibility has also radicalized it in art. Art alters experience by reconstructing the objects of experience reconstructing them in word. Symbol of poetic imagination, ancient psychical forces are activated to serve the economicpolitical needs of the system.

Essaye s'en une marcuse essay on liberation

Justice, harmonizing forms, against its all too sublimated, its policy is distinguished from classical imperialism of the preceding period by effective use of economic and technical conquests on the one hand. The artistic perception is supposed to shatter this immediacy which. Segregated, supply and demand in order to operate. To which we immediately identify ourselves with the actors. And, emergence of a new, the medium of experience imposed by the established society but coagulating into a selfsufficient. Thus, the predominantly agrarian and the, automatic system 6 The idea of a new type of man as the member articles though not as the builder of a socialist society appears in Marx and Engels in the concept of the allround individual. The living theater founders to the degree journal to which it is living. And redefine them, empathies, and the rupture with the continuum of repression a necessary precondition of liberation does not occur.

The transition from the former to the latter presupposes a critical weakening of the global economy of capitalism, and the intensification and extension of the political work: radical enlightenment.Solidarity and cooperation: not all their forms are liberating.