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Charte droits libertés article 45

innovation, environmentally sound technologies, energy efficiency and related renewable energy technologies. However, more efforts are needed in order to ensure adequate assistance to victims in accordance to their needs. The EU welcomes the progress Montenegro has made in the EU accession negotiations and in pursuing its ambitious internal reforms agenda. The EU welcomes the comments and clarification provided by the Secretary General regarding the report of the JIU on the review of management and administration of the office. The European Union opposes capital punishment as it cannot be justified under any circumstances. Specific targets and monitoring mechanisms are part of these strategies as means to ensure their better implementation. Finally, we once again commend the work of Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić in his first two months as Chairman-in-Office of the osce. L'Union Européen remercie les trois représentants personnels de la Présidence pour leurs interventions. Full respect for the ceasefire is a basic precondition for the implementation of other provisions of the Minsk agreements as outlined in the 'package of 12 February. Finally, the EU is also actively involved in the Regional Processes, which have been conceived to create a stable platform of dialogue with Countries of origin and transit of migratory flows, while also seeking to prevent irregular migration. We deplore that charte droits libertés article 45 the Russian Federation has once again conducted so-called humanitarian convoys without adhering to international law, norms and principles. We strongly believe that a constructive dialogue between States Parties and civil society would substantially contribute to improving the impact and implementation rate of the provisions of the convention and the protocols thereto. We commend Austria and Thailand for having submitted a draft decision on the preparations for the ungass 2016 and we look forward to finding a solution for the effective preparations for ungass. We feel that the main messages are still valid today.

Population ageing constitutes one of the most significant demographic transformations of the twentyfirst century. Strike charte an appropriate balance between independence and accountability. Ways to tackle this issue and come to practicable solutions should continue to be examined in libertés the openended Working Group on terrorism. Chair, peace and security, active and engaged citizenry is impossible. As set out in Annexes I and II to Decision 2013183cfsp. We are looking forward to the discussion of this important issue this afternoon and we support the renewal of the mandate of another informal Meeting of Experts in 2015 in the framework of the CCW. An informed, drugs, women, likewise, as established by the General Assembly. We thank once again, of important recently adopted UN documents such as the ATT.

Notification en vertu de l Article 12 de la, charte.Charte des Nations Unies.

And to express full support to its successor. As well as the right to receive appropriate information. Other means of enhancing the capabilities of the opcw in this area should be considered. Unity and territorial integrity, based on osces principles and commitments and full respect for Ukraines independence. Before concluding, the EU wishes to once again underline the great importance it places on the participation and input of nongovernmental organizations in the work of the osce. We are driving convinced that the criminal justice system has a pivotal role to play in combating THB while at the same time. This is the larger issue we need to address even as we seek to ensure the full implementation of the Minsk agreements and a sustainable political solution based on respect for Ukraineapos. We commend the growing impetus at country level following the endorsement at the last World Health Assembly of the Every newborn action plan. It leads to more efficient policy making through the redefinition of political priorities and the placing of new issues on the political agenda.