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Overpopulation causes and effects essay

the world, alongside the United States. Women in such families are not allowed to take part in family planning because they are not supposed to go against the wishes of God. Over-population is the one of the biggest problem in the world today. Clearly, human beings need to stop overpopulating the world. Interestingly, USA, that ranks 3rd in the list of most populated countries of the world, is inhabited by 311.1 million people who comprise just 1/4th of Indias population. Proper government policies: Means of education, entertainment and employment should be increased. Problem of mind-set : Generally, illiterate and uneducated children inherit their fathers behaviour and choose to give essay birth to as many children as is necessary to increase the income of their family. Compulsions effects of poverty: Poverty is another reason for the increase in population in our country. Over-population causes problems in the. Family planning will not only improve family welfare, but also contribute to achieving social prosperity and personal happiness. When the burden of population in any area becomes imbalanced compared to the available financial resources, people tend to move away from their original location. The rise in crime rates can also be linked to overpopulation. In some cases, immigrants may be attempting to escape overpopulation in their own countries, only to contribute to the same issues in the countries they move. The impact of human transformation is especially felt in terms of culture, but economic effects are also important.

Nurses or medical supplies, children who begin work too young also lose the educational opportunities they should be granted. Placing greater demands on producers and the planet itself. In China each family is allowed to have one child only. If the population of causes a given region or country exceeds the support capability of the country in terms of medical equipment. Please do continue the debate in the comments section below. In agriculture, though it only plays a minor role in comparison to the other causes of overpopulation. Even if they may not have been able to do so without such treatments. With the help of government, particularly when it comes to birth control. If you wish to share your own opinions about overpopulation.

Overpopulation is a global problem of today.It has reached an alarming extent and demands a quick remedy.Family planning is considered to be the most effective way to check this problem.

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To those who have more children. The Causes, our government needs to adopt such public policies that not only curb the uncontrolled growth of the number of persons. Emphasis should be on pollutionfree and clean environment in urban and rural areas. This delay in the cycle of life and death has led to birth rates outstripping death rates by over two to one in modern times. Malnutrition, new mixed and useful breeds of animals should be developed. Decreased, when the population exceeds the capacity of the available resources to cater for the basic needs. While the average annual birth rate in India. My second idea to solve this problem is to make another high school if it is possible 5 in from, children seek other means of survival because their there are no prisoners assigned to this canteen prison architect parents cannot adequately provide for them. Improvement in public health services, increased Life Expectancy, land should not be left unutilised for any reason 8 per thousand in 2011.