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How to be a hero essay

but I think youll get the point. A hero shows great courage and strength like Beowulf, Michael Brock, from The Street Lawyer, and Michelle Obama who are great inspiring advocates that have gained trust from the people they advocate for. If a person builds himself up then there will always be someone to come in and knock the hero of his pedestal. To be a hero, one must have a disguise to keep their real identity hidden from the public. Heroes can be, and usually are, real people. Then, to be able to help people escape from the guillotine, which chops peoples heads off, Percy dresses up as an old lady, so that no one knows it is him. Santa Claus was waiting, and the little fella didn't have a clue (83). A hero also needs courage to do how to be a hero essay the job. Its the followers that glorify the deeds of these protagonists. She did her work and she did it for all the right reasons. As well a smaller office with minimal heat and air conditioning. Without this trait a hero does not do any good because a hero is a person that affects the people around him. Beowulf realized that he must sacrifice himself to get rid of the dragon and in result, he handed his power to Wiglaf. Heroes cause people to stop thinking about themselves and to start looking for ways to help. Just think about it this way, its better to have a Dark Knight essay (nuanced and complex) than an Adam West Batman essay (simple and a little corny).

How to be a hero essay, Shorthand writing dictionary

Scarlet Pimpernel, no matter how grand the scale. A hero also has to essay be humble A hero is themes a leader. Couldnt find him, even though his men left him. Another attribute of the hero is commitment. A worker for the government, in helping others escape the guillotine. Wiglaf was inspired by Beowulf to stay and fight. Then, one way to make yours stand out is to choose to write about someone unexpected. Sir Andrew and many others assisted Percy.

Template of hero essay.How to become a hero?

Im going to use one of the heroes I mentioned aboveBatman. She acquires many heroic qualities that many do not have. Him and his wife, sal Maroni, beowulf has many characteristics and develops a huge for change in his personality throughout the three battles. One needs much intelligence to be a successful hero. Another option is writing about unexpected qualities. One needs helpers to carry out ones plans.

Michelle Obama used her power to help people for the better.Beowulf is described as the strongest and he has the Geat's trust so when he found out about Grendel, Beowulf knew he was capable to fight.