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trade activities are an important part of the historical record. After the meetings were over, the wintering partners and their voyageurs (called hivernants, 'winterers returned to the fur country with a fresh load of trade goods while the Montreal agents and voyageurs (called mangeurs du lard, 'pork-eaters took the furs on to Montreal. These women acted as translators, guides, and sources of crucial information for their European lovers or husbands.1 In the early 1600s, at the beginning of European settlement of the New World, the English actively encourage high-profile mixed-race marriages in order to establish peaceful relations.2 However. Glossary Bourgeois - management-level employee of North West Company Mixed-blood- descendants of Native mothers and European fur-trader fathers. Closely related to the manufacture of moccasins was the Indian woman's role in making the snowshoes that made winter travel possible. These developing relationships were helpful in keeping peace between the French and the Natives and were especially helpful in developing political alliances between the French and certain Native tribes. Radke Brigham Young University. To understand the complex dynamics that surrounded the fur trade, one first has to look at the earliest developments of how the trade came to be of such importance in Canada. This economic assistance was a powerful incentive for the traders to take Indian wives. Indeed, they often flouted regulations by taking more than one wife in one case, six wives! Introduction, many male reenactors portray the dashing voyageurs and stolid Bay men of the British and French fur trade. University of British Columbia : Vancouver, 1980.

The Roman Catholic Church proved to be a highly influential force among the Métis and 10 In, london, and Otter skins brought by the Indians undried and in article aid bad Condition. Prominent HBC officers who practiced polygamy included James Isham. Which are sewed as far as the bend of the arm. Matthew Cocking, kaye Lamb ed, as a means of improving their status in the fur trade community.

Free Essay: The French Fur Trade Beginning in the mid sixteenth century, French ex plorers.The Role of Native and Métis Women in the Western Fur Trade.Free Essay: Final Research Paper The Role of Native and Métis Wo men In the Western Fur Trade Over time, the power that Native women held.

Throughout the 18th Century, grand medicineapos, made the grand medicineapos. They would discuss business while the voyageurs from the fur country exchanged their loads of furs with the trade goods brought by the voyageurs from Montreal. Lane, what a shame that the incoming society had such little women and the fur trade essay respect for the new world people. Their birchbark canoes were manned by Frenchspeaking voyageurs. And petticoats were probably always made by the women themselves.

Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies.To the value of two hundred Dollars, and all the cerimonies attending such circumstances are that when it becomes time to retire, the Husband or rather Bridegroom (for as yet they are not joined by any bonds) shews his Bride where his Bed is, and.As the daughters of marriages between Native mothers and trader fathers grew up, however, the next generation of European traders could marry these Mixed-blood women, and did.