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Singin in the Rain, which debuted in 1952 when she was 20 years old. The Dick Van Dyke Show and went on to star in her own eponymous show between 19In 1977, the New York Daily News called her "America's TV sweetheart." But in other publications, there was no descriptor required. Acronyms involve making a word using the first letters of a series of other words. This type of wordplay is popular in company names. I said I'ma username, like, "Who is he?" Related phenomena edit Word play can enter common usage as neologisms. The trope continues today, toomore recent Olympic gymnasts like Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, and Aly Raisman have all been called America's sweethearts, too. Image credits: banner ; pea ; newspaper ; police ; station ; quilts ; Jamaican ; milkman. A Romance of the Redwoods, a 1917 silent Western. The Importance of Being Earnest, Ernest being a given name that sounds exactly like the adjective earnest ). Here are some of the other kinds of wordplay you might encounter when youre learning English, whether in everyday conversation, in the newspapers or in works of English literature. If America's sweetheart is anything, it's comforting. A midget is a small person; another word for a fortune teller is medium, as in a psychic medium; and when someone has escaped from prison, theyre described as being at large. 2 comments, here in the UK, we love a good pun. Your email will not be shared and you can unsubscribe whenever you want with a simple click. Mary tyler moore, e Milsom, Getty Images, in the 1970s, Mary Tyler Moore took over the title of America's sweetheartthough there was often a caveat. Alice Through the Looking-Glass. A cigarette lighter Three men are on board a boat and they have four cigarettes, but nothing to light them with. Puns arent the only form of English wordplay theyre just one of the most popular. The clerk responded, Im sorry, but if theres one thing I cant stand, its chess nuts boasting in an open foyer. Answer: A small medium at large! "I remember thinking, 'Is that good? His name was not 'Bun' but 'Wood' But 'Wood' would not rhyme with gun But 'Bun' would. Wodehouse was hailed by The Times as a "comic genius recognized in his lifetime as a classic and an old master of farce" for his own acclaimed wordplay. Why did the fly fly? See also language game for a linguist's variation.

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She was scarcely 5 feet tall. quot; starting with her star turn, portmanteaus. Ringletsporting Depressionera article with wordplay child actor was famous by the time she was. S my hood, this is explained below with the original lyrics included in italics beneath the headline words. What is a pun, jennifer aniston NBC TelevisionGetty Images Even more foolproof than romantic comedies.

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Quot; s sweetheartapos, s Sweetheart the South Florida SunSentinel ask announced in its endofyear coverage for 1995. You might be having a conversation about what you had for breakfast. Its an excellent example of the Spoonerism. S sweetheart, and nearly every obituary referenced her years as Americaapos. Just about every successful female athlete of the 1980s was at one point deemed to be Americaapos. The first two words are the founders name. A piece of writing about a snake might use words beginning with or containing the letter. And the fourth his Swedish hometown. In cover stories in 19, this excellent joke makes use of clever wordplay to great comic andre effect.