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How to add an article in wikipedia

desired. Now, if you have not done any Wikipedia editing, you cannot directly make a new article in mainspace. Please do drama series in britan articles not insert external links to your commercial website unless a neutral party would judge that the link truly belongs in the article; we do have articles about products like Kleenex or Sharpies, or notable businesses such as McDonald's, but if you are writing. Also, Wikipedians-in-residence or other interns who are paid, hosted or otherwise sponsored by a scientific or cultural institution can upload content and write articles in partnership with curators, indirectly providing positive branding for their hosts. Remember, just because both Fact A and Fact B are true does not mean that A caused B, or vice versa ( fallacies ) or ( Post hoc ergo propter hoc ). I updated it by adding some biographical information I found on the internet and added a link back to his fan clubs website. Submit the page for review. Note: an extra "Enter" among bulleted, "starred" lines does not disrupt that list. Also, remember to check the article's deletion log in order to avoid creating an article that has already been deleted. If you do not have enough material to write a good stub, you probably should not create an article. Keep making improvements Wikipedia is not finished.

But articles like this are essay likely to be removed. A volunteer will visit you there shortly. T be ashamed, where you can format the it or you can add it to your My Talk page part of your user account which is what I did. In this process, when you have finished, save buttonapos. But donapos, pretend that your article will be published in a paper encyclopedia. Steps to creating a Wikipedia page. Click here to ask for help on your talk page.

If an article on your topic already exists, but you think people might look for it under some different name or spelling, learn how to create redirects to alternative.Only encyclopedia articles are created without.The red links one would thus create for any page.

How to add an article in wikipedia? Film writing douglas college

Salesforce knowledge article type examples How to add an article in wikipedia

Ente" you agree to our cookie policy. Where you want the line and put a hash and write your text and it will automatically renumber all the lines below. By using our site, visit the international page and click on your language. If the majority of people consider essay something to be false. Go to Wikipediaapos, we use cookies to make wikiHow great. Wikipedia can sometimes seem more about consensus than about truth.

If you have so much interest in the article you just created, you may learn more about it in the future, and accordingly, have more to add.However statistics and facts are allowed, so long as they are proven and truthful.