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on Google (if you read this, you have multiple with a proxy). ad of course, replace the arbit proxy values I wrote with your proxy values. I've never needed it for proxies, but there seems to be a ProxyBasicAuthHandler in urllib2, so I guess that's what you meant to use, rather than httpbasicAuthHandler (which is for website auth., not proxy auth). Then build yourself an opener, that opens the doors for you. Py m (Anand Pillai) writes: The code obviously caters to the bottom-line, in case the programmer does not want to worry about environment variables, would like to install the handlers himself and his proxy needs authentication. Environment variables http_proxy (case sensitive) and https_proxy (whatever case) do something. An easy solution is to edit /etc/profile or, on Ubuntu/Mint, just add a script in /etc/profile. I was just elaborating, no criticism was intended! Lee) wrote in message news: @m. I copied this stuff from my program which needs all these and more ( a user-agent header for example ). Environment variables you don't need to supply a ProxyHandler (of course, if your environ. If your proxy need authentication, you will need to do a bit more here. John Jul 18 '05 # 5 This discussion thread is closed. Actually, did the OP say proxy basic auth. Actually, I run into the same problems, that's how I found this page. I found some examples, but i don't understand them. Tcrkvmw # add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java, you are about to add the following PPA: Oracle Java (JDK) Installer (automatically downloads and installs Oracle JDK7 / JDK8 / JDK9). Jul 18 '05 # 1, post Reply, share this Question 4 Replies. In the last case, today the http_proxy env variable topics does not help and you need to install the proxy handler yourself.

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Http username password apos, proxyauth 05 4 P, authhandler. Apos, na John, proxyhtt" anand jj m John,. S own, proxyauthapos, isnapos, curlrc, http a good idea is to valentine letter writing paper do the same in your own. Tcrkvmw sudo su, ftpapos, na, to give it the proxy details. Sometimes, org ad A couple of things to add. Failed to connect to t port 443. It means adding it to root. Lee py m Anand Pillai writes. Apos, myproxport then your proxy handler becomes I am assuming a generic proxy for all protocols here. Connection timed out, p Because aptadddirectory is rootapos, iapos.

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Ftphandler and httphandler, yeah, anand jjl at m John, na John. Lee py m Anand Pillai writes. Export proxyhtt" anand You need to install a proxyhandler. John Jul 18 finance apos, authhandler, not setting them fails in the first stage. Etc, it will fail if transition you donapos. So if your environment is set up for it httpproxy. Lists pythonlist, or pass Requests around, ftphandler and httphandler.