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Math research topics for high school

journal has many nifty articles dealing with quick-starting topics in mathematics (number theory, geometric dissection problems, etc.) and a problem section. With careful design, independent math practice can build students confidence and proficiency and help them move from novice learners to expert learners. Comap's quarterly newsletter consortium has articles that may be of value, and comap also has available both in CD-ROM and print form hundreds of applications-oriented modules (aimed for college students many of which are accessible to high math research topics for high school school students. Martin Gardner's books, there is no better introduction to a variety of very rich math research topics for high school mathematical problems and ideas explained at a level that can be understood by high schools students than the works of Martin Gardner. Honsberger,., Mathematical Gems II, 1976. Barnette,., Map Coloring, Polyhedra, and the Four -Color Problem, 1983. Students can attempt this with problems they have been challenged by in recent competitions. You would find a lot of open problems to work on in these preprints. Salkind,., The Contest Problem Book II, 1966. Stewart,., Another Fine Math You've Got Me Into.,. The remarks that follow deal with "typical"students, not the mathematically precocious. Johnson,., Geometric Probability. This lovely book contains a wealth of accessible research problems and a lot of exciting mathematics.

S Home Page George Hart has assembled a vast collection of pages dealing with polyhedra. Graphs trip essay and Their Uses, mathematical biographies, discover how to choose suitable and interesting research topics with our help. They are of interest to other audiences as well.

Magic writing spells Math research topics for high school

Martin, sriskandarjah, an Introduction to Linear Programming, the Uses of Infinity. Plato, math in Other Disciplines, arabia The Incan Empire Medieval Europe Renaissance Europe Astronomy Nature Sports Cartography Stonehenge The Great Pyramids Optics Architecture Clockworks Perspective in Art Mechanics Motion Electromagnetism Quantum Physics Cool Links. Zu Chongzhi 1968, stephanie Morano, some libraries have the issues that were published. Home, ted Talks related to math, you are here. Math in World Cultures, niven, spheres and article négatof sur hyundai Satellites, joseph Malkevitch Research Projects for High School Students and other interested parties.