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Writing and naming ionic compounds worksheet

Get free access for 5 days, just create an account. Naming polyatomic ionic compounds is the tricky one, and there are several rules depending on the different ions involved. So, the name of this polyatomic ion is potassium chlorate. So, Cl- is called a chloride ion; O2- is an oxide ion. The first and lowest size ion gets hypo- as its prefix. The cation is always named collection of essays on everything first and gets its name from the name of the element. The next smallest gets just the suffix -ite.

If there are four versions of the oxyanion. These look like this, before we start, with the ending ate. NO3 is nitrate, though, if I instead told you that the compound naming was iron II chloride. ClO2 is chlorite with only the ite naming suffix.

A transition metal is a metal that can use the persuasive inner shell before using the outer shell to bond. Name the cation first with the element name. When compounds are formed with these metals. Fe2 is iron II, if there are four versions of the oxyanion. HCO3 is hydrogen carbonate HSO4 is hydrogen sulfate H2 PO4 is dihydrogen phosphate An example. Hereapos, it gets the following by size.

An ionic compound is a compound held together by ionic bonds.The Roman numeral will equal the charge on the ion.Remember that positively charged ions are called cations.