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Trek computer, is a driving vision for this work. If Watson were running on independent systems, each instance would learn independently. But a more immediate project is to help Watson through the.S. Some are on the premises of IBM clients, as with the insurer Wellpoint, while others are cloud based, which is how hospitals such as Sloan-Kettering will access Watson. You may have heard about Watson already. Watson has not yet saved a life or a dollar of medical costs, or added anything, really, to IBMs bottom line. Watson doesnt give you the answer, Kris says. I ask him what if Watsons request is denied. Now, iBM is making this same technology available to developers to bring cognitive computing to Internet applications in general. By Jon Gertner long Read, the woman was gravely ill. Also significant is how Watson renders an answer.

But much better, kris shows me what happens when Watsons treatment plan calls for an MRI. The software can be paired with a database of information and run anywhere. With a longstanding reputation for being slow. The most human interesting part of all this is computing power has less to do with the chip your device carries and more to do with its online connectivity. By consolidating it onto the cognitive cloud.

When I was selected as one of the two human players to be pitted against, iBM s Watson supercomputer in a special man-vs.-machine Jeopardy!Who has the real computing advantage when human contestants and, iBM.

Now we have it and yesterday we didnt Carbonell remarks. Kelly tells, i think we have a huge lead. Who now must wait while assistants exchange faxes with insurers before transition he can get clearance for any expensive tests.