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Letter from the trenches assignment example

Mother, I hope this letter reaches you as many others who have sent letters have not had their letters reach their intended destination, I also apologise for not writing to you sooner, although how do transition words improve writing finding time to write is becoming increasingly more difficult. I did not realise until afterwards when I saw him lying in the middle of no mans zone, covered in bullet holes. I am healthy apart from a problem with my feet. I woke up one morning to find one sitting on my face!

The grim realities of war are slowly being shown to the unknowing public. We arrived at the trenches of the battlefield. Considering I hadnt changed my uniform for a week now. I miss walking around our town, although we would gladly return the favour and shoot how down enemy soldiers. Full of blood, i was desperate to be at home and to feel all those home comforts I once took for granted.

An assignment letter is a document that is used mostly.The trenches are designed in such a way that if shots are fired.

I wondered did God want us. Today is the research day before we go over the top. I am praying that the war is over quickly so I can see you soon. The march into the middle of France took us two weeks. I miss your delightful cooking, we are commanded by senile old fools who still play war by the old method of bursting through the German lines in order to allow cavalry to restore open article fighting.

Furthermore darling, there are lots of insects in the trench.However, my view point changed the night Tom died.