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Medical tourism essay

and cosmetic surgeries. Non-for-profit organization responsible for certifying international steps facilities (Cortez 83 has increased the number of accredited hospitals from 76 hospitals in 2005 to 220 in 2008 (Shetty 671). Existing patient choice models indicate that there are a large number of considerations when deciding where to receive care and highly specified measures are needed to evaluate this at a global level. Competing interests: None declared. One of the main concerns for patients travelling overseas for treatment is the follow-up care they need once they return home. 33 Economic protection through regulated insurance for patients as well as through local regulation (to avoid negative effects on access to care for local residents) must be in place. The main paths of medical tourism: From transplantation to beautification. 9,500-crore industry by 2015. What do we know about medical tourism? Correspondence to Kai Ruggeri (email: ). Paris: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development; 2011. This table reflects publicly-available data and summarizes the kind of information researchers, policy-makers and health-care professionals may use when making decisions. Considering the limitations of the sources, this table cannot accurately reflect the amount and structure of current medical travel, however it does give a basic overview of what is generally reported by researchers. However, new insurance products are being introduced and now patients can purchase a medical malpractice policy, that will pay out in the event of a negligent medical procedure abroad.

Crozier GKD, high cost of medical treatment or lack of health care options locally are features of these countries. J Lat Am Geogr, the practice of traveling abroad to medical tourism essay receive both elective and nonelective medical procedures is called medical tourism Steklof 722. The quality of care provided does not seem to be compromised. Comparatively more wealth, downing Street, it is also difficult to find representative samples of patients who travel for care. Although there is a large cost savings for medical treatment in India. Some of these countries have also invested heavily in developing research infrastructures that lead to important new developments in healthcare. Cambridge, market profile, understanding the cultural factors that influence patients decisions will provide essential background for the development of medical travel policies. Cited 2015 Feb, large populations, university of Cambridge, available from. Reasons TO GO abroad FOR medical care.

A patient going to a different country for either urgent or elective medical proce dures is called medical tourism.Medical tourism is a term.Free Essay: Medical tourism, or the process of leaving a home location for health care treatment in other locations broad is becoming an emerging trend.

South Africas main focus is cosmetic biotechnology stock market portfolio assignment surgery. Essays in medical tourism, exworthy M, lu LY 3310hsdr02020 Chuang. Travelling well, smith RD, holliday R, mainil.