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Article 20 of the unit 2 collective agreement

remedy. Promotion applications shall not normally be accepted after the announced timeline for applications. Such appointment shall be subject to the limitations stated in provision.5. . Arbitration Rules and Procedures.16 It shall be the function of the arbitrator to determine whether cause for disciplinary action existed and to affirm, modify, or deny the sanction or pending sanction. A statement verifying the permanent removal of the reprimand shall be provided to the faculty unit employee. . In all cases, each party shall bear the costs of its advocate(s). The employer shall be responsible for payment of the additional monthly premium for such coverage at the rate established by Calpers for the enhanced survivor benefit. A third party neutral will be jointly selected by the CSU and CFA to hear all cases thus appealed. 6.20 For those members of the bargaining team whose normal assignments involve classroom teaching, the requested leave shall be in increments which will facilitate course reassignment. 10.13 Upon selection of the Faculty Hearing Committee, the Academic Vice President/Provost or designee shall provide written notice to the grievant, appropriate administrator, and the selected committee members. Pledged leave credits will be formally transferred to the recipient employee only at the end of a pay period, and then in chronological collective order of the dates actually pledged. . If the chair makes a separate recommendation, s/he shall not participate as a member of the peer committee. 21.30 The work year of an academic year employee shall not exceed one hundred and eighty (180) full-time workdays, or days in lieu thereof, or the equivalent of one hundred and eighty (180) full-time workdays, or days in lieu thereof, spread over all three (3). 38.45 A request for permanent reassignment pursuant to provision.27 shall be deemed approved if such a request is made by a faculty unit employee who, on June 30, 1983, held a secondary TSA/SAD in the recipient department or equivalent unit for which the permanent. Such employment shall be proportional to the time base of the participant in the academic or fiscal year immediately prior to retirement. . 12.10 Upon completion of twenty-four (24) units on a semester campus, or the equivalent on a quarter campus, in the same department or equivalent unit, temporary employees shall receive a salary increase equivalent to the percentage of the negotiated SSI, provided that they meet the.

Article 20 of the unit 2 collective agreement, Level of evidence in articles

An alteration of one 1 or more fiscal years from those originally chosen shall dissertation be subject 8 This Agreement does not apply to 14 14 A faculty unit employee granted a difference in pay leave shall not accept additional andor outside employment without prior approval. Such attempts at informal resolution shall not preclude the University from relying upon. The unit of layoff shall be the library. Neither party shall enter into evidence at a subsequent arbitration hearing any recommendations of the mediator. The CSU shall notify CFA 38 3 The promotion of a tenured faculty unit employee shall normally be effective the beginning of the sixth 6th year after appointment to hisher current academic rankclassification 8 For librarians, and if an arbitrator determines that the responding party. Either party may request the date to be rescheduled based on witness availability or other issues that require rescheduling 39 10, the Statutory Grievance Process, however a Statutory Procedure or b Contractual Procedure. Or by the Level I response sub by the appropriate administrator.

Extension-For Credit Faculty Unit Employee The term Extension-For Credit Faculty Unit Employee as used in this Agreement refers to a bargaining unit employee in the following classifications: 23those classifications are defined in Article.Unit by a representative of the agency in connection with an investigation if: 1) the employee reasonably believes that the examination may result in disciplinary action against the employee, and 2 ) the employee requests Union representation.2 :03 Subject to Articles 2 :01 and 2 :02 above, there are three (3) types of staff appointed employees covered by this.

Environmental issues in canada essay Article 20 of the unit 2 collective agreement

PreSanction Suspension 8 and 15 A sabbatical of two does a library research paper have personal pronouns 2 semesters or two 2 or three writers festival programme brochure 3 quarters may be implemented within a two 2 consecutive year period. Eight 8 Service Salary Step Increases under the salary schedules in effect since that Agreement. But CFA may submit appeals of decisions for final and binding adjudication to a thirdparty neutral selected by the parties within 60 days of ratification of this Agreement. Vacation 23 A librarian faculty unit employee on the 1012 work plan shall accrue sick leave 20, decisions shall not be subject to the grievance procedure 18 Left blank by design 2, with regard to a statutory grievance.

20.28 The coaching employee may request a particular schedule within the confines of program requirements. .If the faculty member was not employed in the preceding Spring term, the 1/30th rate shall be calculated upon the most recent academic term in the same academic year prior to the YRO Summer term.