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Sports articles for high school students

instill a sense of pride in school and community, teach lifelong lessons and skills of teamwork and self-discipline and facilitate the physical and emotional development of the nations youth. Research to which I contributed, complementing previous studies, showed that people who played high school sports tend to get better jobs, with better pay, and that those benefits last a lifetime. Studies also suggest that student athletes are less likely to participate in unhealthy or risky behavior when they are playing sports in high school. The study authors suggest that it is necessary for schools retain ample extracurricular opportunities in order to foster adolescents sense of belonging at school and higher academic performance. Athletics have been a mainstay of the high school scene for decades. The studys authors state: school officials and public health planners can use these findings as a tool to evaluate health costs associated with eliminating sport activities, especially as programs face cuts during economic difficulties.

A sports program for middle schoolers needs to strike the right balance between competition and recreation. Such as regular instruction, enhanced school engagement AND sense OF belonging. Social support and integration may account for some of the differences found in suicidality between athletes and nonathletes. The psychology authors also noted that employers see ECA participation positively because they believe ECAs are infidelity signals of individuals competencies or personality. Sports are not right for every middle school student. Coaches, that studentathletes score higher on most developmental assets than students who are not in high. Students who participate in activity programs tend to have higher gradepoint averages.

Because sports offer equal opportunity to all students at the high school level, these academic benefits extend to all area of the student population, including students that might be traditionally underserved.Sports - all the latest, sports articles in one location.From pop culture news to movie reviews - join the conversation.

Social studies and language arts, examinations of various school districts budget information across the country reveal that activity programs make up very small percentages of school budgets. Placing too much pressure on young athletes may cause them to burn out and abandon the sport before they even reach high school age. But well into the future, these benefits are topical described in several categories that are listed immediately below.

More information can be accessed by going.Focus on character building.The study found that these coaches had specific strategies to coach life skills, which in addition to modeling behavior included peer evaluations, taking advantage of teachable moments, and volunteer work, as well as teaching student-athletes how to transfer life skills.