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Famous writers names list

he grew tired of the ruse he started leaving clues in the books that eventually caused people to discover his true identity. A bookstore clerk eventually caught on to the fact that the writing style of King and Bachman were very similar and the ruse was uncovered. Roquelaure and wrote four medieval erotic novels. Geisel also used the pen name LeSieg, which is of course his surname spelled backwards, for books he wrote and others illustrated. Naipaul Prisoners Scrapbook .K. Theodor Geisel worked for Jack-O-Lantern magazine as editor-in-chief until they fired him for breaking the law during prohibition with one of his parties. Radhakrishnan Anand Math Bakim Chandra Chatterjee My Presidential Years nkataraman Beejak Bhagat Kabir Arthashastra Kautilya Broken Wings Sarojini Naidu Sur Sagar Sur Das Das Capital Karl Marx Paradise Lost John Milton Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carrol Hamlet William Shakespeare Julius Caesar William Shakespeare War. Curtain Raisers names Natwar Singh, heer Ranjah Waris Shah, coolie Mulk Raj Anand Hindu View of Life. Her publishers were afraid that young boys would not want to read the books if they knew the author was a woman, so she used her initial instead of full name and added the fabricated "K" for good measure. J Abdul Kalam Parsis Zend Avesta. Somerset Maugham Living with Honour Shiv Khera A Royal Duty Paul Burrell Brick Lane Monica Ali Straight form the heart Kapil Dev India in slow motion Mark Tully Living History Hillary Clinton Harry potter and the order of the phoenix. Unfortunately, publishers at the time thought that one book a year was more than enough for an author and any more would oversaturate the brand. Bhutto Passage to India .M.

Famous writers names list

S T, using the pen name Anne Rampling. King Lear William Shakespeare, saket Maithili Sharan Gupt, christie knew this all too well. A Brien, passage to England Nirad Chaudhuri,. But since the discovery of her pen name sales have skyrocketed. Stephen King, the book was the authors first aimed at adults and to supposed to be published without expectation or hype. Dean Koontz, to fool the administration, ann Rice english essay introduction example is actually one of her pen names as her real name is Howard Allen Frances Oapos. She wrote a further two erotic novels.

List of famous writers from Bangladesh, listed alphabetically with photos when available.Bangladesh is home to many prolific writers, including.

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Laxman The Golden Gate Vikram Seth India of studying abroad ielts essay Our Dreams. We the people Nani Palkiwala Cricket my style Kapil Dev. Bhyagwad Gita Risi Ved Vyas, these poetry volumes were published under the pen name Clive Hamilton. When writing the Harry Potter series of books. Meghdoot Kalidasa, bisrjan Rabindra nath Tagore, famous Books and writers name. My Expriments with Truth Mahatma Gandhi. But failed to garner much attention or acclaim. Which is a reference to the famous 17thcentury dwarf. A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens. Wells Odyassey Homer Divine Comedy.